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 We develop applications tailored to your needs, adapted to solve your problem. We are specialized in this, and we can offer you a solution. First we will work with you to understand what you need, then we will collaborate to get the best possible result. To do this we will consider the needed ingredients for your application to solve your problem, providing the necessary pinch of design, accessibility and usability, making its using an enjoyable experience and not something to fight for. As for the types of development that can be performed, the limit is set by your needs:

  1. Web applications
  2. Desktop applications
  3. Services oriented platforms
  4. Mobile development: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone…
  5. Web contents publishing systems
  6. Interoperability and systems integration
  7. Database migration
  8. Online shops and e-commerce systems
  9. Integration of payment gateways and online collection
 We are here to answer your questions, analyze the situation and propose the best solution. We are up to date on possibilities that technology offers today, and we will offer you our knowledge to fit your needs. Perhaps that complex problem that you do not know how to fix can be solved by an Open Source application we can help you install and configure, saving a tailored development, or maybe you simply need to know the best options to perform your website so that it is easier and cheaper to maintain in the future. Whatever it is, we can advise you. These are the kinds of solutions we can offer our experience to get the most suitable solution:

  1. Web content management systems (CMS): We can adapt the open source web system that best suits your needs, to fulfill all your requirements. We work with WordPress and Drupal mainly, and we can also help with data migrations to these systems (eg migration of Joomla to Drupal), or some less common as LocomotiveCMS (based on Ruby on Rails).
  2. Management and business planning systems (ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning): are you evaluating alternatives to improve your business management? We work with OpenERP (now called Odoo), performing installations, configurations and customizations. You will have full functionality with it (inventory control, customer management and payments, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) … including a fully functional web and mobile access platform.
  3. Email platforms: Do you want to migrate your email from your current provider to your own server? Maybe you want to migrate your accounts to a platform like Google Apps? We can help you with the entire process. Innovation projects and R&D: We can carry out projects in innovative platforms, or with innovative business concepts. With an agile project management and a based on prototypes incremental development you will minimize your risks and can validate your business model. Some innovative technologies we work with are Google Glass, Smartwatches (with Android Wear and Apple Watch), wearables devices, automation technology (based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi) … Contact us so we can evaluate your project technologically.
Internet is the global window, where your company has to look its best side. Its not only important to “be” on the Internet, but “be in a right wat”. Your business must be well located in this window, and you can count on us to cause a good impression.

We will identify the keywords associated with your brand, which will be interesting to know you by, and we will our best to make your potential customers reach easily to your website. You can trust us to make your web page well positioned in search engines, locate your business in Google Maps and reorganize your website to make it better valued by search engines. In addition, we’ll help you make your social business, to have a presence on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Foursquare, etc.

We can also offer you our corporate brand image and design services, to bring up to date your corporate image on Internet.

In Zadia Software we are used to and do like to work as a team, and we will be happy to lend your development team a hand with those technologies with technologies they are not get used to. We can also be your company’s technology partner, company which is not specifically from the technology sector but needs to carry out the ideas. We can help you with any technological problem, here are some areas of expertise:

  1. Android mobile development(Java + XML, on Eclipse and Android Studio)
  2. iOS mobile development(Objective-c and Swift, on XCode)
  3. BlackBerry mobile development(based on Blackberry Webworks)
  4. Windows Phone mobile development
  5. Web development with different content management systems: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla…
  6. PHP development with different frameworks: CodeIgniter, Kohana, Doctrine ORM, Zend Framework…
  7. Web development with Ruby: Ruby on Rails, tailored content management systems, data access APIs…
  8. General web development: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, XML, RSS, JSON…
  9. Java web development: PlayFramework!, Spring, Struts, Liferay, Hibernate, Ibatis…
  10. Integration with different types of databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle…
  11. Integration with CRM systems: mobile applications integrated with SalesForce mobile API, custom made systems…

About us

What we do

We are specialized in web and mobile development, but we offer all kind of software development services. Among other things, we can help you with iOS, Android, HTML5 / mobile web, data migration, development based on CMS like WordPress or Drupal, or heterogeneous systems integration. Want to know more? Check out our projects section.

How we do it

In Zadia Software we use agile development methodologies to provide you a result as soon as possible and develop with you exactly what you need. Furthermore, we integrate with your team to complement it in those areas that do not arrive, please contact us to see how we can fit into your project.

Zadia Software was founded by Gonzalo Mateo Sixto and Adrian Moreno Peña, two Technical Engineers in Computer Systems from the University of Santiago de Compostela, passionate about our profession.

We started working in companies of the sector, in Galicia, when we finished our studies. Then we studied a Masters in Project Management to complement our academic training. We keep up to date of emerging technologies, and for this reason we are constantly exploring new possibilities for them. We like to try new frameworks, development environments, programming languages or anything that can make us work better. To achieve the best results in our projects, we count on a selected network of collaborators, specialists in different areas that help us to improve our projects (legal, design, multimedia, programming, systems management, corporate image …).

On this website we want to show some of the work we’re doing, and get feedback from the open to the public works. You can see some of the projects we have developed in our portfolio, and an extract of what we can do for you in the services section. However, if you have any question, suggestion, need you want to solve, or just want to contact us for any reason, please write to and we will respond as soon as possible, or use the contact form located at the end of the website. You can also download the vCard with our data, if you want to import into your agenda. If you prefer you can contact us via mail or visit our office located in Novo Milladoiro Business Park in Rua das Hedras 4 2ºK. 15895 Ames, A Coruña.

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