TopAround is an application that lets you listen to audio guides from all over the world, created by experts.

The application, developed in a completely native way to get the best performance and custom designed user experience, dynamically retrieves content from the API project, and presents them to the user in comfortable listings and maps.

In order to offer the best possible user experience for travelers visiting abroad (where data connections may be not exist or too expensive), the application has a sophisticated caches system, which allows not only the consultation of guides and texts completely offline, but playback of multimedia files (such as audio, video and photos). The app interface is fully translated into multiple languages, for easy use from anywhere in the world.

The application also uses GPS data to identify the geographic location of the user and show the closest content. These contents are generated by the community TopAround and include different locations, such as cities and towns, tourist attractions (museums or churches), recreational routes for outdoor activities, or national parks.