Talía Teatro

Talía Teatro is a Galician company, independent theater, based in Santiago de Compostela. Previously they had a corporate website, but they wanted to renovate it, showing the performances activity by the company in a clear, simple and attractive way. For the development of the web we have the Drupal content management system because of its versatility, ease of maintenance and possible evolution of the portal. Not to mention it, beside WordPress, it is our favorite CMS, of course :-) The site has several sections and features, for which we opted for a combination of open source modules and own developments for the web:

  • Calendar of events, with Views y Calendar. For providing interactivity to the calendar we use BeautyTips.
  • Portfolio of works and performances, with Views and Views Responsive Grid.
  • Contact form, with Webform.
  • Contents location maps, with GetLocations.
  • Custom content types with templates that facilitate visual information management from the admin panel.
  • Automatic publishing new content on Facebook through Facebook Autopost.

As for the graphic design, from the beginning it was decided without any doubt by an adaptive web design (responsive) so that the visualization is the most appropriate for the device that is accessed with, do not matter if it is a mobile, a tablet or a desktop computer. The design is based on Bootstrap, and we provide hints of Javascript to provide more interaction site. You know, check the calendar of Talía performances, and if there is one around your city, do not miss it!