Pista Oculta is the personal project based on music founded by Adrian Moreno, form Zadia Software. The website, which is published collaboratively with several authors since 2009, is a collection of independent music related news, and provides a special focus on Galician music. In July 2010 it was promoted, sponsored and given coverage to the launch of “Come On Pelegrín“, a compilation of underground music recorded in Santiago de Compostela, with a special focus on rock and punk.

¡Rubén Prol, from Ipanema Grafica, collaborated with the graphic design. In 2011, it has a team of over 10 employees, and the design is custom-made, based on Arras. Besides the website, Pista Oculta has a presence in social networks (Twitter, Facebook and MySpace), being an important source of readers and news dissemination.