Xamalú Filmes

Xamalú Filmes, through the XF application, provides the ability to view for free trailer and several information about the films distributed on iPad and iPhone, in Spanish and Galician. Comfortably, wherever you are, you will be able to see the news about his movies, check their technical and artistic record and other important information. You will also be able to buy and watch them directly on your own device via In App Purchases iOS or Android In App Billing, in high quality streaming at an affordable price, being at your disposal without any time limit. After your purchase it you’ll be able to watch it as many times as you want in a great quality and with complete comfort and confidence. Network connection is required to use the application and an iTunes App Store or Play Market account for shopping (buying content will not work on iOS devices jailbreak). To get the best possible experience, we recommend using a WiFi connection for viewing trailers, and a WiFi connection is required to view the movies.

Technically, the application consists of a backend developed with Play Framework!, which allows to manage all the information consumed from mobile applications. The information is exported to applications through a custom API, which transmits information in JSON format to optimize the flow of communications with devices. The applications are scalable and adaptive, so that iOS is fully functional on iPad and iPhone (from the 3GS 4S) and Android application is scalable from LDPI screens (type HTC Wildfire) to 10″ screens (tablets as an Asus Transformer, devices in which the application was refined).