Galitempo lets you know with precision weather forecasts for the next days in Galicia, through the consultation of Meteogalicia’s services data obtained. You can find detailed forecasts for each location (A Coruña, Santiago, Lugo, Vigo, Finisterre, Monforte, Pedrafita, Pontevedra, Ribadeo, Viveiro, O Barco, Ourense, Verin, Cuntis, Lalin, Vilagarcía), or consult general predictions of weather evolution in Galicia. Data is extracted from MeteoGalicia, so its reliability depends entirely on MeteoGalicia’s accurate predictions. You can install the app from the iTunes Store. Updates:

  • v.1.01: New improved icons to show the weather and provides cache memory when there is no network connection.
  • v2.0: Aesthetic improvements, especially on the iPhone 4. In addition, information about beaches and tides can be checked, and new avaliable city: Ortigueira.
  • v2.02: Fixed some bugs when displaying some beach data.