Classora Sports

Classora native app for iPhone allows to access to part of their catalog information from iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). To explain what it does, we explain first what Classora is, in his own words:

Classora is a network knowledge base oriented to data analysis, ie…

…a place where you can find all kind of information, show it graphically, see it in a map, making unpublished comparatives…
…a platform in which you can participate by providing your knowledge and have fun saying your opinions.
…in short, a new way to access to internet information, which integrates objective and subjective data.

The mobile application allows you to query part of the Classora information, specifically related to sports rankings and its historical. It also has a graphic of the historical positions of the participants in these rankings. The app has the following information:

  • Football: Europe’s top leagues and Spanish 1ª, 2ª, 2ªB and 3ª leagues.
  • Formula 1: driver’s and constructors rankings.
  • Motorbikes: MotoGP, Moto2 and 125cc championships.
  • Basketball: NBA and ACB rankings.
  • Tennis: player’s ATP ranking
  • Cycling: Tour of France, Italian Giro, Tour of Spain.
  • Rallies, Olympics and more!

Generation of the charts and graphs are produced by accessing Classora information via XML interfaces, which are processed and formatted into the mobile app, with good performance that guarantees a good user experience. In addition, users can mark their favorite rankings, having them conveniently located in a tab in the application as a shortcut. It can be installed from the iTunes Store.