Buscamos un desarrollador web / móvil (ronda 2)


Update november 2014: after the job opening we covered during september, we are looking for another person to join the team

Zadia are looking for new people who want to start his career on mobile and web development to join their team (expected joining date is about november/december).

In this post, we outline what we offer, what we expect (keep on reading for the Spanish version)

Who we are?

Zadia Software is a software company founded in 2011 at Milladoiro (next to Santiago de Compostela). We are enthusiasts about new technologies and we push hard in using up-to-date development languages and tools in our projects. One of our principles is proactivity and we like to work together in our development team. The company was founded by USC graduates, and we currently collaborate with the university in internships and formation programs.


What do we do?

We develop all kind of solutions, from mobile apps for the latest smartphones and tablets to heavyweight desktop clients. We also deal with backend and frontend in web based platforms. In Zadia Software we offer the complete solution to our clients. We want you to be part of our development team and help us build great products for our clients.

We do not discard any projects just because we do not know a specific technology, those are the challenges that motivate us. We are problem solvers, and to be the best at that, we like having a broad choice of tools to use in every project.

What do we expect from you?

We want a person who is as enthusiastic about technology as we are, that likes testing new languages, frameworks or technologies, just to find out what’s the best solution for any problem out there.

We are looking for a responsible person, that likes challenges and learning new things. We want to work with proactive persons that like evolving how things are done to always improve. It would be great if you are interested in modern web programming and mobile programming, because that’s what we do best (and most).

You do not need any specific studies, but Computer Engineers or Programming students would be best suited to this position.

Knowledge in any specific technologies is not required but you need to have solid foundations in some ground aspects, as well as being willing to learn new things:

  • object oriented programming (Java, .NET, Javascript, PHP…): we do not require you to know any specific language because we like to adapt to the best solution to each case. It is not a problem if you do not know the specifics of mobile programming, for example, but you do need to understand the basics of OOP to be able to learn whatever is needed.
  • database model design: nearly everything we develop has a database on it. We need you to understand the basics of databases, and MySQL, Postgresql, SQLite or any other system are accepted.
  • English:as you can see, the job offer is written in English. This does not mean that you will have to speak or write in English on a daily basis, but to be a fully autonomous worker you have to have a working knowledge of English to look for help or read technical documentation.


What do we offer?

Initially we will offer you an internship or an initial contract, during which we will monitor how well you integrate in our workflow, and if you are a good fit for the team. If everything goes well, we are willing to offer you a contract extension at the end of your internship (or initial contract).

We try to have happy and comfortable working environment, where everyone’s opinion is respected and each team member has something to contribute to the project. We try to have a relaxed working environment, where responsible people can work with freedom and flexibility: you will have unlimited coffee (even cappuccino!) and snacks at your disposal and you will be able to choose your working hours to adapt your work schedule to your life. There is also space to have lunch at our offices. You will have free days, and if you need some kind of books or material to improve the work you are doing, you will only have to ask for it.

You will have freedom to propose the solution you think that is best for the problems, backed by the experienced people on our team. You will learn from them, and we expect to learn from you. Your development equipment will be a powerful Apple computer with latest OS X and with fast internet connection and several computer screens, because we want you to be happy and relaxed working at Zadia.


Contact us

Have you reached this point looking for the spanish version? Look no more, there isn’t. This is just a kind of filter to know that you are willing to make an effort whenever is needed, and that you are able to read a document in English.Now, feel free to write us to contacto@zadiasoftware.com with a cover letter (you can do it in spanish), telling us who you are and why you want to work with us, and we will contact you.


Share the offer!

This job offer is not for you? Please share it, maybe someone you know is the one we are looking for!

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