PlotSpot | Mobile app for cinematographic tourism

Plotspot comes from the curiosity to know the places where the story of a film is developed. With Plotspot you’ll know all the locations where a film is set and which part of the story takes place at each location. You will have full information on what happens in the location, direct links to the official pages of movie locations or wikipedia for further information, photos of the places and a map system with geo-localization to know exactly where you will find the place and where you are you about the place.

The application was developed in collaboration with Simone Serasini, who helped the image of the application, it’s aesthetic, and coordinated the development of contents. The initial version had 6 full movies, more than 100 locations worldwide and more than 300 photos of the places where the movies were filmed.

The development consists of a combination of web development and mobile native applications development. The web platform consists of a customized content manager for mastering the contents of the application, which allows you to manage all the films and it’s locations, as well as attachments and the geographical coordinates of the locations through visual selectors with Google Maps. Data are exposed to mobile applications through an API, which provides data in JSON format to be consumed and shown from the apps. The mobile application iOS, meanwhile, is the server’s client, which retrieves all information, and displays them in native layouts with custom features such as a web browser built into the application, image galleries that let you zoom on them, or interactive maps of the different locations. Thus the application allows you to browse the contents of an attractive and a good user experience way. References: